West Middle School

Hartford, CT

Location: Hartford, CT
Architect: Smith Edwards Architects
Size: 110,000 sf
Cost: $47 million
Scope of Services: Renovate-as-New
Services: MEP/FP

The West Middle School is housed in one of Hartford’s many historic buildings dating back to 1930. The school includes grades pre-K through 5 as well as special education and English Language support classes. This multicultural school has almost 550 students from 22 countries speaking 14 different languages.

The school was renovated-as-new and utilizes several energy savings technologies on the inside while still holding on to its historic charm on the outside. The new, energy efficient, HVAC system includes a heating plant for space heating consisting of three gas fired boilers with the chilled beam chilled water pumping plant consisting of one pair of pumps. Each pump is sized for 100% capacity, for complete redundancy. The pumping system circulates 57ºF chilled water to the chilled beams throughout the facility. A Building Management System (BMS) was also installed to control the mechanical and selected electrical systems.