Rhode Island Net Zero Residence

Coastal, RI

Location: Coastal, RI
Architect: Ivan Bereznicki Associates
Size: 9,250 sf
Scope of Services: New Construction
Services: MEP

This modest net zero home on the Rhode Island coast features ground mounted photovoltaic and closed loop geothermal cooling/heating. No fossil fuels are used at all on the site.
Full fill spray insulation ensures the home maintains optimal heating and cooling. An HRV – Heat Recovery Ventilator uses heat from outgoing air to warm the optimum amount of incoming outside air.

CES provided full MEP engineering design services for this house. The biggest challenge of the project was making this family beach home maintain its cottage appeal while minimizing the look and feel of the modern energy efficient features. MEP systems were designed to handle drastic variations in humidity and temperature swings caused by open cottage windows and doors all summer.

The house is being phased to Net Zero since it is the owner’s intended retirement house, but only used seasonally now. Rules for Net Zero require no over production of utilities, so the solar is being installed in sections and will be complete when the house is occupied year round.