Park 215

Stamford, CT

Location: Stamford, CT
Architect: Kenneth Boroson Architects
Size: 131,750
Cost: $19 million
Scope of Services: New Cosntruction
Services: MEP/FP

As part of the redevelopment of the former Vidal Court housing project and a collaboration between Charter Oak Communities (Stamford’s Housing Authority) and Stamford Hospital have undertaken tandem redevelopment projects in what is known locally as the “Stillwater corridor”.

One of the redevelopment projects, Park 215, totals 131,750 sf with a mix of 78 one and two bedroom residential units and 24,000 sf of ground floor medical office space. The basement level has mechanical and electrical rooms, tenant storage, a fitness room, public rest rooms and a manager’s office suite. Park 215 residential units now have private entries and lawns replacing former dark corridors and residents stepping directly into the street or sidewalk. Park 215 also includes a well-lit two level open parking structure. CES is providing full MEP services for this mixed use development.