New Haven Academy

New Haven, CT

Location: New Haven, CT
Architect: BL Companies
Size: 72,000 sf
Scope of Services: Renovate-as-New
Services: MEP/FP

New Haven Academy, founded in 2003 is an intra-district magnet school and a part of the New Haven Public School district. The existing 1948 buildings were renovated as new into a modern educational facility that now serves as home for the college preparatory high school.

The school features four new science labs and an expanded media center. Many high efficiency HVAC features have been incorporated to provide a comfortable environment for students and teachers. Dedicated outside air units (DOAS) provide fresh air into the building. These DOAS units are equipped with hot water and cooling coils so that air is discharged into the building at a comfortable temperature without regard to outside conditions. The units also provide the building with dehumidification. Cooling for the school is provided by chilled beams utilizing natural convection to circulate the air. Chilled water is provided to the chilled beams via (2) 70 ton high efficiency chillers. The chillers dissipate heat through two large cooling towers located on the roof. Heating for the building is provided by (3) high efficiency boilers which send hot water to radiant ceiling panels located in each individual room to provide heat and lessen the impact of cold infiltration through windows.  VRF units are used in small offices and critical areas such as IDF rooms to provide localized cooling and heating.

The building was designed to LEED silver equivalent and meets CT High Performance Building Standards.