Lexington Police & Fire Stations

Lexington, MA

Location: Lexington, MA
Architect: Tecton Architects
Size: 74,000 sf
Cost: $39 million
Scope of Services: New Construction
Services: MEP/FP
Solar Thermal

The town of Lexington is currently overhauling their public safety facilities. The town purchased property that is serving as a temporary fire station while the existing station is demolished and rebuilt in the same location. After the fire station is complete, the temporary building will serve the police department until their existing historic station is renovated in its current location. The project involves extensive phasing plans to ensure 24/7 operations are maintained while construction is in process.

The new fire headquarters, currently under construction, is slated to meet LEED Silver with the potential of reaching LEED Gold certification and will exceed the MA Stretch Energy Code by 30%. The building will not use any energy from fossil fuels. Radiant hot water heat is being installed throughout all apparatus bays, keeping the bays warm from the ground up. Specialty refrigerant to water heat exchangers and 10 pumps will provide heat to the building as opposed to traditional boilers. Mechanical systems include VRF with dedicated outdoor air system units for ventilation with optimized carbon dioxide dilution. Hot water for the building will be achieved through a solar thermal heating system. The building will have a 700kw generator.

Renovation of the original 1920’s historic police station in the heart of the historic Lexington Battle Green will be the final stage of the project. The building will be updated to support modern policing efforts and methods, and to meet code, accessibility and gender diversity requirements.