Dr. Martin Luther King Campus

Hartford, CT

Location: Hartford, CT
Architect: JCJ Architecture
Size: 164,000 sf
Cost: $73 million
Scope of Services: Renovation
Services: MEP/FP

The original Martin Luther King Jr. School dates back to 1924 with no major improvements to the overall facility since its original construction. CES is currently engaged in the extensive renovation of this educational institution, representing a major investment in the north end community of Hartford.

Designated as a historic structure by the Hartford Court of Common Council, the school will be transformed into a campus containing a Middle School and a Breakthrough II Magnet School (grades PreK-5) side by side.

With architectural features and programmatic elements worthy of preservation and revitalization, CES is collaborating closely with the design team to discreetly integrate all new mechanical equipment throughout the building. Systems include: VRF cooling with designated outside air, fin tube radiators, LED lighting and generators to support life safety functions. The design also includes electric vehicle charging stations.

The school features a unique two-story auditorium space featuring plaster columns, original stained glass floor-to-ceiling windows and hard wood finishes. CES designed custom displacement ventilation for the space that upholds its historic character and meets ADA wheelchair movement requirements.