DEEP Western District Headquarters

Watertown, CT

Location: Watertown, CT
Architect: TLB Architecture
Size: 12,000 sf
Cost: $10.25 million
Scope of Services: New Construction
Services: M/E/P/FP
Net Zero

Located within Black Rock State Park, the DEEP headquarters serves as a home for local Park Rangers and ENCON Police. It also includes a public visitors area. The innovative design is slated to meet net zero energy requirements obtainable through the following building features:

Site – the building is gently sited into a hillside to provide optimal southern exposure and protection from heating / cooling loss

Trombe Wall – the southern facade features a trombe wall that absorbs thermal energy for heating and promotes circulation of air in optimal conditions

Geothermal – 16 geothermal wells, 500 feet deep with four 10 ton water to water heat pumps heat and cool the building. Additionally, a 5 ton water to water heat pump provides domestic hot water

Photovoltaics – the building’s roof holds 186 solar panels, 74.4 kW

Enhanced Building Controls – alarming and troubleshooting are tightly monitored within the building to obtain a net zero goal

Heat – Areas of the building are zoned with geothermal fed hot water in-floor radiant heat

Ventilation – Ventilation systems incorporate energy recovery “heat wheels” mounted within air handling equipment