Coburn Elementary School

West Springfield MA

Location: West Springfield MA
Architect: TSKP Studio
Size: 119,800 sf
Cost: $69 million
Scope of Services: Study
New Construction
Services: MEP/FP

CES provided MEP/FP design services for the feasibility study and schematic design phases at the Coburn Elementary School.

The study concluded with the recommendation to acquire and demolish 4 adjacent properties to build a new 119,800 sf 3 story school on the same site. Financing was approved at referendum and the new school is expected to open in September 2022. CES provided MEP, FP, Lighting, Data, Security, and Technology engineering design services for this project. HVAC systems include gas fired water heaters, four pipe distribution with heating and cooling primarily emanating from the gas fired high efficiency boiler and chiller plant with secondary pumping from VFDs.

HVAC displacement ventilation systems provide fresh air and remove contaminants upward away from occupants. Supply air is provided at low velocities to diffusers mounted low in classrooms. This provides even temperatures and results in less airflow required in each room. Air movement via natural convection of heat in the space is gradually upward returned to air grilles mounted at ceiling height. Higher ventilation effectiveness allows for less outside air supply required, and hence, less air to heat and cool. Economizer cycles for “free cooling” also reduce operating costs.
Energy efficient features include LED lighting, low flow plumbing fixtures, advance utility metering, DDC controls.