Barack H. Obama School

New Haven, CT

Location: New Haven, CT
Architect: JCJ Architecture
Size: 69,000 sf
Cost: $45 million
Scope of Services: New Construction
Services: MEP/FP

CES is providing complete mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection engineering design services for the new construction pre-k-4th grade Barack H. Obama School in the Fair Haven section of New Haven.

The school is a collaborative effort between the City, the school and SCSU, delivering a STEM and language based curriculum while simultaneously allowing students from the University to gain valuable teaching experience. The project is a scaled down, whimsical version of the surrounding college campus buildings that it mimics, clearly delineating it as an elementary school. Its welcoming design centers around concepts of creativity, warmth, fun, inspiration and diversity.

The school has been carefully designed to capture and incorporate sunlight in all interior spaces. The cafeteria and gym are located in the center core of the layout, connected with a folding partition wall. Classrooms form a U shape around an open courtyard and play area. Classrooms are primarily situated to take advantage of views of West Rock (a local landmark) and the surrounding forest of 200+ year old trees.