Attleboro High School

Attleboro, MA

Location: Attleboro, MA
Architect: Kaestle Boos Associates
Size: 480,000 sf
Cost: $230 million
Scope of Services: New Construction
Services: MEP/FP

The MSBA conducted a study and determined a new 4-story high school building would be built adjacent to the 60-year old Attleboro High School. The original building will be raised when construction is complete.

Work on the school will be divided into 6 phases and completed after school hours causing minimal disruption when school is in session.  The new building will feature a more compact floorplan by incorporating first floor access to community used facilities, such as the auditorium, gym and cafeteria and placing classrooms on the upper floors.  The new school will also incorporate the town’s vocational/technical high school (currently housed in a separate location).

CES is providing energy efficient MEP design conforming to MA High Performance guidelines for this project. Using the latest green technologies, strategies and approaches to create integrated heating, cooling and ventilation systems to deliver superior air quality and occupant comfort with the goal of minimizing energy consumption.