Bottomline Technologies

Portsmouth, NH

Location: Portsmouth, NH
Architect: TMS Architects
Size: 4,500 sf
Scope of Services: Renovation
Services: MEP/FP

A global leader in financial process automation, Bottomline Technologies expanded their headquarters office space by 4,500 sf. The open office concept houses 54 workstations, staff offices, workspace for visiting colleagues, flexible meeting rooms and a cafe. With an understanding of their workforce needs, the design incorporates a variety of both private and collaborative spaces. Transparent materials fill the inner office with light, but allow privacy options when required.

Bottomline promotes a sustainable office through paperless automation and teleconferencing. Reiterating their commitment to “green” practices, sustainable building materials and practices were used throughout the renovation. Additionally, 90% of the demolition material was recycled or donated. New finishes were required to have high pre- or post-recycled content and a low life cycle cost. CES provided complete MEP engineering services including innovative energy saving systems for this environmentally conscious building. Lighting systems incorporate daylight harvesting and motion detectors for optimum energy savings. Automated CO2 sensors adjust air systems based on occupancy levels and usage.